Words from our CEO.

The Danger of High Water Pressure

The biggest pluming challenge we face in the field is high water pressure. High water pressure causes plumbing devices to fail. Running toilets, banging pipes, leaking faucet, and even catastrophic plumbing problems, like burst pipes and water heater.

​A pressure regulator in each property is intended to reduce pressure coming from the municipal supply to a safe level. Plumbing codes require property to maintain pressure under 80 psi. Plumbing products working pressure is also rated at 80 psi. Some plumbing products will even void the warranty if pressure is higher than 80 psi. It is very important to keep water pressure at a safe level. Unfortunately, pressure regulators do not last forever and missing or malfunction thermal expansion in water heater can also cause excessive pressure in the system.

There are a couple recommendations for catching harmful water pressure problems before they cause damages:

  • Using a water pressure gauge: Regularly test the water pressure with a pressure gauge. Attach a water pressure gauge to your water line and read the maximum water pressure in the system. The maximum pressure shall not be more than 80 psi.

  • Using Water Pressure Alert: 24/7 continuously monitors water pressure and triggers an audible alarm to alert you of the high water pressure condition.

High water pressure is a big problem that causes expensive property damages. Water pressure fluctuates during the day. Harmful water pressure often times goes undetected. To avoid expensive repair, it is important to always maintain system pressure at a safe level.